Lebanese American University’s Cats

I forgot to mention, there are cats EVERYWHERE on campus. The university takes great care of them. They are all fairly clean, well fed and affectionate. There is one cat that lives right outside our dorm and loves to snuggle. I checked with security to make sure they are safe to pet and they quickly reassured me that there is no danger.


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Allison Swaim

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Allison is a senior at Portland State University majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science. On her 22 birthday, she will make her first trip abroad to Lebanon. While the emphasis of the trip is to expand her Arabic skills, she is excited to experience the culture of Beirut. She is interested in post-colonial political movements, nationalism and conflict analysis. Having strayed very little from the Pacific Northwest, Allison is ready for a new adventure. While she has prepared as much as she can for her journey across the world, she accepts that she has no idea what she's getting herself into.

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