Marriage by Proxy

“I’m assuming this was by proxy since you are here and she is there?”  This was my adviser’s reaction when he heard that I got married a few days ago. It was true, though. I just got married last Monday and it was by proxy. I liked the phrase “by proxy,” it was my first time to heart it and I found out that it was an interesting concept for many of my American friends. In my culture, it is a normal thing to do. Actually, even I was there; I would not be present physically for signing my marriage contract. My representative will represent me in that process. My father was my representative in this marriage. At the end of the day, we are legally married and we are man and wife. It is just a different way of doing things that is different from the US. So my friends relax, the whole things is done with my blessings and satisfaction.

This summer, I will be travelling to Morocco for a conference on Berber Societies. This will be my first time in Morocco, and I am looking forward to traveling in that beautiful country. On July 4th, I will travel to Tripoli, Libya. Once I am there, my wife and I will have the second part of the “marriage by proxy,” that is – the wedding. Throughout my blogs, I will talk in detail about my experiences in Morocco, my feelings visiting Libya after two and half years of dwelling in the US. It should also be interesting to be back in the country after the revolution against the Gaddafi regime.   Right now, thinking about these trips in the US, I have mixed feelings about them, but I will keep you posted on what I see and hear there. I can’t believe that I already started to pack up.