Algeria Fact Sheet

A quick fact sheet providing basic information about Algeria.

Algeria Fact Sheet

Algeria facts and figures from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Algeria in Perspective

This resource from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center offers a country profile section containing basic facts about the target country, followed by selected themes organized under the major headings of Geography, History, Economy, Society and Security.

Algerian Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientations from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center offer an engaging introduction to a given cultural group. Linguists and non-linguists alike will benefit from these interactive materials and pertinent language exchanges that are coupled with an objective and practical look at daily life in different contexts. Topics include religion, traditions, family life and differences in the lifestyles of urban and rural populations.

Algerian Flag

Details about the Algerian flag.

Country Studies

The Library of Congress Country Studies include extensive information about all Middle Eastern countries, including historical overviews as well as information about government structure, economics, and demographics.

Specific countries can’t be bookmarked, so follow the link above and select the country of interest.

The Legend of Tin Hinan

This video tells the Algerian legend of Tin Hinan.  Click the dot on Algeria to view this particular Folktale or Legend or choose from the ‘List of Legends and FolkTales’ above.

Algerian News (text)

Current news about Algeria from the New York Times.

The Amazigh (Berber) Struggle: An Infographic (text)

An interactive infographic from AlJazeera detailing Amazigh cultural and political movements which have developed over time and demand everything from linguistic rights to full autonomy.

Eye on North Africa, from Your Middle East (text)

This column highlights analyses and comments on politics, culture, economy, trending topics and relations in and between Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.

Jadaliyya: Algeria (text)

A collection of articles about Algeria posted on Jadaliyya

Sailing the Great Sand Sea

In this unit, students will understand the ways in which North African traders were able to adapt to the harsh environment of the Sahara desert in order to extract natural resources and engage in trans-desert trade for economic gain. They will understand: (1) the factors that define a desert and the different types of deserts; (2) that the introduction of the camel to North Africa provided a solution that made trans-Saharan trade possible; and (3) the natural resources available in the desert and the advantages to be had from harnessing them.

Content developed by the University of Texas at Austin

The Battle of Algiers

This article contains a summary of the famous movie, Battle of Algiers (1966), as well as discussion questions and additional resources.