Saudi Arabia

Country Studies

The Library of Congress Country Studies include extensive information about all Middle Eastern countries, including historical overviews as well as information about government structure, economics, and demographics.

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Inside the Kingdom: The Religion, Culture, and Politics of Saudi Arabia

In January, 2002, a NewsHour team traveled to Saudi Arabia to explore the culture of one of America’s strongest allies in the Middle East.  This site includes videos and interviews.

Inside the Saudi Kingdom (video)

A documentary produced by the BBC which profiles Prince Saud bin Abdul.

Saudi Arabia Fact Sheet

A quick fact sheet providing clear information about Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Facts and Figures

Saudi Arabia facts and figures from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Saudi Arabia in Perspective

This resource from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center offers a country profile section containing basic facts about the target country, followed by selected themes organized under the major headings of Geography, History, Economy, Society and Security.

Saudi Arabian Flag

Details about the Saudi Arabian flag.

Saudi Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientations from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center offer an engaging introduction to a given cultural group. Linguists and non-linguists alike will benefit from these interactive materials and pertinent language exchanges that are coupled with an objective and practical look at daily life in different contexts. Topics include religion, traditions, family life and differences in the lifestyles of urban and rural populations.

Syria’s Role in the Middle East: Interactive Map

This interactive map created by PBS NewsHour illustrates Syria’s relationship with its neighboring countries.

The Hajj and Eid al-Adha (images)

Collected here are scenes of Hajj and Eid al-Adha, from Mecca and around the globe

Inside the Kingdom: Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists, and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia (multimedia)

After spending years in the Kingdom talking to people in all walks of life, Robert Lacey gives us a modern history of the Saudis in their own words, revealing a people attempting to reconcile life under religious law with the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Inside the Saudi Kingdom (video)

A documentary produced by the BBC which profiles Prince Saud bin Abdul.

Insight Saudi Arabia, from Your Middle East (text)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may appear to outsiders as an opaque, highly conservative, and secretive country. Yet, it is a nation at the centre of the Middle East with great power and influence, which is also grappling with key social, political, and economic challenges. This column will look at those changes from a different perspective.

Jadaliyya: Saudi Arabia (text)

A collection of articles about Saudi Arabia posted on Jadaliyya

Mecca, Holiest City in Islam (images)

Pictures of Mecca, the Kaaba, and surrounding areas.

Saudi Arabia News (text)

Current news about Saudi Arabia from the New York Times.

Saudi Jeans (text)

The much-celebrated Saudi blog of Columbia journalism graduate and former NPR producer Ahmed Al-Omrah offers comments on the state of the Saudi Kingdom today.


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