Sport in the Middle East

Sports in the Middle East Flyer

In this workshop, educators will explore the use of film to teach about the roles sport plays in a variety of cultural contexts throughout the Middle East. Author, scholar, and editor of the recent book, Soccer in the Middle East, Alon Raab, will lead multiple sessions.

Download the workshop agenda here.


psu logo edited Films about Sport

An annotated list of Middle Eastern films about sport.

psu logo edited Movie Clips about Sport in the Middle East (video)

Clips presented by speakers during the Sport in the Middle East workshop.

psu logo edited Resources to Learn about Sport in the Middle East

This bibliography contains book and article titles and links to learn about sport in the Middle East.

Sports and the Middle East: A Collection of Articles by the Middle East Institute

A collection of articles about sports in the Middle East.  Published by the Middle East Institute.


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psu logo edited Diversity of Israel through Sport (Forerunners Lesson)

This lesson explores the diversity of Israel through the soccer film Forerunners (Israel, 2006)

psu logo edited Muslim Women and Soccer

This unit explores the role of sport and its impact on society, focusing on soccer in the Middle East.  Students will consider the challenges Muslim women face playing and supporting soccer in Iran and the power of soccer to encourage tolerance and peace. Created by Claudia Werner for the Middle East Studies Center workshop, Sport in the Middle East.

psu logo edited Security or Separation? Analyzing the West Bank Barrier Through Soccer

This lesson explores varying perspectives on the West Bank Barrier through two short commercials.

Shadya: The Arab Israeli Experience & Muslim Feminism

These lessons use the Israeli movie Shadya to explore investigate the situation of Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel and to explore some of the ways that Muslim women are fighting for gender equality.


Shadya: The Israeli Arab Experience

During this lesson, students will investigate the situation of Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel and how the film Shadya draws attention to a population rarely exposed in the media. Students will then use their research skills to take a deeper look at a minority group in another country and present their findings and recommendations online.  Watch the film here.

psu logo edited Voices of the People

This week long teaching unit for the Language Arts classroom explores elements of the Middle East through reading and writing.  Students learn about stereotypes, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, gender and sports.  Created by Brittany Richmond for the Middle East Studies Center workshop, Sport in the Middle East.